Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Living with Windows 8: A month down the line

So its been about a month since I excitedly installed Windows 8 and whilst it's by no means been a nightmare, it's not been revolutionary.

Let me clarify that: I really like Windows 8. I love the interface and the OS is quick and intuitive but I just can't say that Windows 8 has changed the way I compute in the way I thought (and strangely hoped) it would. I just find myself using the very practical and familiar 'Windows 7 face' of Windows 8.
     The apps (People, Messaging etc) all work, and have lost the lag I was concerned about in my first review, but I honestly never use them. When I use them - they're great but I'm too stuck in my ways and they haven't really offered me enough of a reason to change. I also appear to have a subconscious resentment towards the apps for pushing me towards Windows Live, which I just don't use.

Now all of this needs to be understood alongside the fact that 90% of my laptop use is for work - where I can't afford the time to play around with new features. If I'd had the time to engrain the new features into my psyche then things may be different but my concern is that most people are like me and don't have the time to 'teach themselves new tricks'. I've loved exploring the new interface and I will continue to do so, but it hasn't immediately made my computing use obviously easier and for the everyday user I believe my experience will only be amplified.

In a few years time we shall see the first generation of those growing up with Windows 8 and that will be the telling time for the success for Microsoft. I will be intrigued to see how that generation use the Windows 8 face in conjunction with the Windows 7 face. As a hardened Windows XP - Windows 7 user (not Vista because that was the biggest joke of an OS and I made sure of avoiding that nightmare) it is always going to take longer to change my mindset. I understand that and won't be giving up on learning more about Windows 8 but as we are in a rapid technologically advancing time - I am impatient :)

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