Thursday, 6 December 2012

Windows Phone trys to fight Android - and fails miserably

I saw a few tweets appear on my Twitter stream this morning all involving "#droidrage" and "#windowsphone". Intrigued I searched deeper into the topic and discovered thousands of sarcastic tweets from happy Android users trolling the hashtag.

Yes, this was another Twitter campaign #fail. The perpetrators this time were Windows Phone. 

Following in the footsteps of MacDonalds and RIM, Microsoft encouraged all Android users to tweet the malware irritations they had with the Android OS and phones. Yep, you know the rest... Compared with Windows Phone there are few weaknesses and this came through in the sarcastic tweets that ensued. Popular topics were Instagram (which Windows Phone doesn't have), widgets (which Windows Phone doesn't have) and Windows Phone popularity (which... You get the idea!!).

If you read my blog regularly you'll know that I have plenty of time for the Windows OS. It's crisp, clear and intuitive. However, the marketing teams are in the precarious situation of taking on iOS and Android, the latter of which is at an all-time height of popularity and strength. With the best spec handsets and Android 4.0 onwards - Windows Phone really has misjudged this social campaign.

When running a campaign like this it is important that the gamble you take does not get trolled and backfire in making you look more stupid. This is exactly what has happened here.

Windows Phone is a good product being dragged down by stupid stunts like this.

UPDATE: I was later informed that this was the second failed attempt at the campaign - the mere fact I hadn't seen the first one speaks volumes. To attempt this for a second time and fail again is dreadful practice and shows just how out of touch Windows Phone is from the buying masses.

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  1. I agree with you.. WP is a promising crisp piece of software.. But to go against iOS and Android like that is a mistake, for this to be the 2nd attempt.. Well that's just #fail..