Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tim Cook's desperate plea to investors: "Apple can still innovate"

Apple CEO Tim Cook exclaimed yesterday that Apple have 'a lot' of surprises up their sleeve and staunchly defended Apple's innovative image.

Cook said: 

“Many people now say that innovation means a new category. Yes, we’re still a company that innovates. We have some incredible plans that we’ve been working on for a while.” 

Tim Cook also attacked Google Glass for not having "mass appeal" but he's largely missing the point. Firstly, Google Glass has garnered mass public interest. Secondly, Google has innovated. However much Tim Cook hates to admit it, they have provided the world with something new, something different. 

To me, the statement reeked of desperation and seemed a quick-fire way to claw back the interest of investors. It also came from a man who is clearly struggling under the pressure. Apple's dramatic fall in share-price has certainly not gone unnoticed. Add to this the looming court case in the US about tax affairs and Samsung's record sales of the S4: it's been a tough few months for Apple. I stated after the launch of the iPhone 5 that Apple needed to make a statement and failed to do so then, and it's difficult to imagine the 5S will be much of a statement either. So that brings us to the iPhone 6 which is reported to be launched in September. The concern for Apple fans should be that Apple will, once again, launch a tuned-up version of all their products come September. These products, whilst good quality, do not capture the same excitement as they used to. Dare I say it, they are becoming boring.

Apple, it's over to you to put your innovation where your mouth is. Seriously - time is running out.

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