Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Moto X: Everything but the official launch

Motorola have done a spectacular job of making sure there are no surprises come August 1st when the Moto X is officially launched to the public. @evleaks and The Unlocker have acquired pretty much everything there is to know about the X, and there's some good stuff to tell! Now, everything you need to know about the phone is out and about, so let's take a look at this long-awaited mystery phone.

The X certainly doesn't go against Motorola's styling preferences - but it looks very good, indeed. It's a sleek, clean phone that takes elements from the S4, and HTC One. Not a bad thing at all. It's not as good looking as the One, but then again, what is!?

In true Motorola style, they've focused upon build and battery. The 2,200mAh battery should be impressive in life and the rear shell is made with the Motorola favourite, Kevlar, which is customisable. The phone also, unsurprisingly, will run stock Android, which is always a nice addition. This will be run on a slightly dated dual-core Snapdragon chip with a solid 2GB RAM/1.7GHz processor and a 4.5" screen to boot. (pixel density has yet to be leaked.) There's also the nice surprise of a 10.5MP camera - very competitive. I've seen reports criticising the 4.5" screen but I can't understand that. I think it's almost the optimum size for the general consumer and will certainly not be a turn-off.

We've got a few rumoured pricing structures for the X and they suggest it could well challenge the pricing on the Nexus 4 - a bold move. Prices floating around are $299 pay as you go, and a 32GB version for $349. On contract, the prices are likely to be between $99-$150 for a couple of year contracts. Whilst these haven't been confirmed, they seem fair accurate guesses anyway.

So where does it fit in the flagship pecking order? Well, not especially high to be honest. In most aspects, this phone others little to place it above its competitors. It's a solid phone, and that's probably the best compliment for it, and Motorola. Its the sort of phone that will help Motorola, slowly, begin to claw back a small percentage of market share, which is what Google will keen on. A market share will allow Google to further develop Motorola's wearable technology targets, and we should all be excited about that.

Anyway, quiet, you didn't hear any of this hear... Remember, the phone hasn't been launched yet...!

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