Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Is marketable wireless charging is close to becoming a reality?

After several years of wireless charging being a bit of a myth, reports are emerging that Samsung are aiming to have long-distance wireless charging enabled by mid-2014.

So far Nokia and LG are the only ones to break into the space of wireless charging, and it’s gone unnoticed in marketing whilst falling flat with consumers. Why? Because either you charge from within a pointless distance (say 1metre) or you have to put your device on a mat, or an ‘orb’. As you’ll agree, this renders the practice relatively pointless as you might as well stick it into a plug. However, ET News are reporting that Samsung have invested into New Zealand-based company “PowerbyProxi” to look at incorporating long-distance wireless charging into their future smartphones, and finally making the feature a ‘must-have’.

Theoretically, a feature like this would completely revolutionise the design of a phone, where manufacturers could focus more upon aesthetics and features, as the battery would be less vital. Still, it’s only reports, but hopefully this is being pursued because if it were to become reality, it would be a revolutionary moment in technology.

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