Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A look at what HTC are about to launch

Today HTC are seemingly ready to announce the follow up last years One series with the HTC M7, aka 'HTC One'. What we don't know is whether there will be cheaper alternatives or any other announcements. There have been rumours about a couple of other models: The HTC G2 and M4. These are far less solid rumours though.

Leaked images suggest that the design of the phone will follow the BlackBerry 10, or Sony Xperia, with the two blocks on the top and bottom. The most authoritative leaks show an incredibly attractive phone so fingers crossed that is the case.

The rumoured spec for the HTC One is a 4.7 Full HD screen, with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor to support. Further rumoured specifications suggest it could include 2GB of RAM, Jelly Bean, Sense 5.0, a huge 12Mp camera and 32GB of storage. Whether they'll return to the removable battery or optional SD card is unknown. The HTC One's success or failure could rest on the price - and whether or not it is competitive, somehow, I doubt it.

HTC can still generate a huge amount of excitement over its products and that's testament to the quality of the products they produce. They have a couple of launch events in London so it will be interesting to see what they produce. The looming problem for HTC is the Samsung Galaxy S IV's launch date - under a month away, on March 14th. HTC have a job on their hands to convince consumers in a short space of time that the HTC One is a better device than the 'guaranteed to sell' Galaxy S IV. 

Regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of HTC, I like their products and their customer service. I own (and love) the HTC One X, and currently would change it for anything except the One X+. It has been a bad few years for HTC, but, for a relatively small company, their market share is more realistic for future sustainability. I wasn't a fan of their period of attempted market flooding but I understand the reasons behind it. This is a big year for HTC, and the smaller shares of the phone market. To avoid Samsung and Apple completely strangling the competition, they need to respond. Hopefully the HTC One is the beginning.

I'll be posting a review of the HTC One when it's all confirmed over the next couple of days. I'm also hoping to pop along to the launch event in Oxford St.

What do you think of the rumoured HTC One? Can HTC convince you to shun Samsung and iPhone?

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