Friday, 15 November 2013

Apple reportedly developing a curved-screen iPhone - this is getting out of hand...

Bloomberg have reported that Apple are in the process of developing curved-screen devices for a late-2014 launch. Specifically, Bloomberg state that the developed phones will have glass that curves down at the edges - I assume that they are suggesting the shape doesn't greatly differ from the iPod Nano.

Obviously, these reports have to be taken with a pinch of salt - Apple are sure to be developing devices like this, then again, they'll be developing far more on top of that - it doesn't mean that it will be produced. However, let's go along the line of thinking that this is true - It confirms that manufacturers see curved screens penetrating the market in under 2 years. As someone who is certainly sold on flexible technology - yet not curved screens - this is quite a surprise. I just can't see the consumer demand for it. 
      Curved- devices are there for the sake of technology. I've got no problem with that, but feel it's just a consumer delaying tactic before the real innovation - flexible technology. Perhaps I'm being harsh (and please comment if you feel differently) but curved devices simply don't excite me, and don't offer nearly the technological development of flexible devices.

Not only this, but Apple developing curved-screen devices for consumer markets would represent a far bigger shift. This would define the positioning of Apple in the innovation space and cement where I believed they had dropped to. TechCrunch wrote an article about the 3 stages of innovation - where Apple was always last on the scene to spruce up the product and really make it consumer friendly. It was by no means a great article, but even so, those days are apparently over. 
     In the same Bloomberg report, Apple are also in the process of developing larger-screen phones - yes, Phablets. (I've only recently been sold on the idea...) The Samsung flagship series may have it's first major challenge but perhaps not until 3 years since it launched the first Note. Apple would have to pull out something quite remarkable to convince me that this delay was worth it - or that they were being at all innovative.

As always, it could be that none of this will ever reach public consumption... Who knows!

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