Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mobile phone sizes, just what is too big?

I've recently been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in order to review the Galaxy Gear and after switching back to my beloved HTC One (if you're wondering why, then I'd like to mention that the switch is no reflection on the Note 3, instead it's indicative of the brilliance of the HTC One. Anyway I've been a bit bemused by the switch in size. Suddenly everything felt fiddly, and to be honest, I missed the Note 3 - not especially because of the phone itself, more of its size.

When I first started using the 5.95" Note 3, the size frustrated me. I could get it in my pocket, but not particularly easily, and writing a text or email one-handed whilst standing on the tube was nothing short of a nightmare. However, slowly the size of the phone, and particular the 5.7" screen begun to win me over.

Everything looks great on a screen like that. Browsing the net, Twitter etc is all a pleasure and feels more productive. I think that a phone can be too big, the Samsung Mega for example, now that is too big. To be overly simplistic, between 6" and 7" is territory that should not be trodden between a phone and a tablet. I'm not suggesting that the HTC One is too small, far from it, it's still a 4.7" screen. But in fact, I've now understood the appeal of a phablet where I hadn't previously. It's not about being practical all the time, it's about being more practical 90% of the time you are using it.

These phones won't be practical for everyone, but before you write off purchasing a phablet then just have a go with one. You may well like it...

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