Monday, 15 October 2012

Nokia and Samsung poking at Apple: Is it pointless?

Recently Nokia released a video mocking Apple fanboys:

I like this video; I think its creative and pretty good but it got me thinking: Is this anything more than a bit of fun? And, does it do the brand any good?
     Samsung are the trailblazers in this field. Their mocking videos are becoming somewhat a tradition around the release of each iPhone. Here are the 2 they've released so far:

The Galaxy SII (wonderful phone) mocking

And "It doesn't take a genius" (the better of the two in my opinion - more witty)

The videos all target the queues and the lack of change from one iPhone to the next which are easy target points but do consumers look at this and think favourably upon the company producing them? More importantly, do consumers think 'oh, that's true, maybe I'll buy a Samsung Galaxy SIII or a Nokia Lumia'? I just don't think so.
     Personally, I enjoy these videos. I find them funny, sometimes lacking in class and not as witty as I'd prefer. But my feeling is that these videos simply highlight the superiority of Apple as a brand. Ouch, that hurt to say... but its true. How often to winners find it necessary to poke fun at those behind? Companies like Nokia are not really in a position to poke fun at the hugely successful Apple ecosystem.

Whilst I agree with the videos, and chuckle whilst watching them I'm not convinced on their use as a marketing tool. Then again, perhaps I'm just missing the point all together.

As always, I'd love to here your thoughts!

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