Sunday, 28 October 2012

Windows 8 - My initial impressions

As soon Microsoft launched into the their biggest keynote for 10 years, I was downloading Windows 8. Why? Intrigue mainly. Windows 8 is, if you want it to be, different - fresh and I was excited about experiencing a new OS. After the fairly lengthy update I was thrown into colour, vibrancy and simplicity. The OS is clean, crisp, slick and sleek. To say I was excited by what I saw is perhaps an understatement. In this blog I will briefly talk through my initial impressions, thoughts and difficulties.

One irritation I've had so far is the integration with Hotmail and Microsoft accounts. I, like many others, lost faith in Hotmail and although I've heard they've upped their game (and the new interface in is nice) I'm not going back from Gmail. However, once synced with your normal accounts the OS lends itself beautifully to instant interaction. I also found some of the Microsoft-specific apps (photos, people etc) felt slow to begin with but it seems that was mainly because they were syncing. After that, they have been quicker, but the loading still seems a bit laggy. I haven't had time to look into it yet but I'm sure there is a way of changing this. I think its simply a long 'loading screen'. The good side of this is that what lies behind this wait is great. The music 'app' is wonderful, as is the new 'people' section.

I will admit to being a bit bemused initially. Don't get me wrong, everything is very accessible, but as a hardened Windows-desktop user, the new formats and locations were a bit confusing. I also haven't had the time to delve into the Windows Store but the ability to include 'apps' and tools (not too dissimilar to those on a mobile device) on a PC is an exciting prospect.

The real beauty of Windows 8 is that it genuinely satisfies the inner explorer whilst allowing you the safety and familiarity of the Windows desktop.

It's too early to properly judge Windows 8 but I can honestly say that I can only see myself enjoying it more and more. There will definitely be teething problems for consumers trying to adjust but it won't take long before it becomes engrained and actually the accessibility is at your fingertips. I wouldn't urge everyone to instantly upgrade just yet though. Take your time and test it out, it may not be for you and Windows 7 is a brilliant OS anyway.

Early days but the future seems bright for Windows 8!

Have you downloaded it? What are your thoughts? Or are you considering upgrading? Would love to hear your thoughts or questions. Give me a follow if you fancy it!


  1. it's awesome. a few hiccups here and there. i was invited to a design panel in NYC the day of the launch and it seems like even the GM of Surface was open for people to decided the direction of Surface and Windows 8. i told him i didn't want to call the tiles "metro" and asked him what i should call them, and he replied that he "had no idea" ... and to call them whatever i wanted. it's nice to see such a chill approach, especially in contrasts to apple's philosophy where they make things how they think they should be and that's the end of the line for consumers. so far Windows 8 has been gorgeous, completely anti-skeumorphic, and helped me be super productive. i have a feeling that a Microsoft renaissance is on the horizon.

    1. Hi Amik, thanks for reading! In regards to the renaissance, I hope you are right. I blogged previously about how Microsoft was a giant ready to regain its standing and I hope that to be true. They messed it up, got complacent and fell but that clearly has given them the kick needed to produce another great operating system. I've enjoyed it, and after I get used to it I know I will enjoy it even more.

      How was the design panel? Did you get much time to test the Surface? How did you find it?

      Thanks again for reading, if you haven't already, I would really appreciate a follow :)