Thursday, 16 May 2013

Apple continues to slide - drops to 17% Q1 smartphone market share

Apple's worryingly fast drop in sales continued through Q1 2013 as Android platforms relentlessly chip away at the market share of iOS.

(Source: Apple Insider)

Some will point towards the Android saturation of launches in Q1 and they would be correct, but with most release dates being in March/April, these sales won't have had a significant impact upon the IDC results. Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are reported to be record-breaking and HTC are pleased with the progress of the One, Android will tighten the grip on the market before the end of Q2. With Apple reportedly stalling on a release of the iPhone 5S, and planning it for late Q3-Q4, the damage could be significant. Despite impressive, immediate sales of the iPhone 5, Apple seem unable to retain these levels of unit sales under pressure from rivals. This won't help share prices either!
     We must also credit Windows Phone for their quiet, but steady rise in market share. This will be helped by the release of the Nokia Lumia 925 and 928. They are playing the game patiently, and effectively.

The importance of Apple demonstrating the innovation they were once famed for, is becoming ever more paramount. However, if the iPhone 5S is the 'saviour', they could be in serious trouble.

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