Tuesday, 14 May 2013

BlackBerry's BBM coming to Android & iOS - but is it too late

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced at BlackBerry Live that BBM will be available on Android and iOS globally from the summer. This will be in the form of a free app with only messaging and group features available initially. Heins said that the rest of BBM; screen sharing, BBM voice and the just-announced BBM channels will eventually make its way to the Android and iOS versions.

Heins confidently said: “The BB10 platform is so strong and the response has been so good that the time is right for BBM to become an independent mobile messaging platform.”

However, with Whatsapp and other messaging apps taking over text messaging with Informa saying almost 19 billion messages were sent per day on chat apps in 2012, compared with 17.6 billion SMS texts. Does this leave BBM too far behind? Perhaps. They've completely missed the boat.

What do you think? Can BBM help save BlackBerry?

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